Dear Watauga County History Advocate,

Since 1977, the Watauga County Historical Society (WCHS) has been committed to bringing history alive in Watauga County. Whether through our various lecture series, our serial publications (Writings on Watauga and Watauga County Times...Past), and our books (Memories of Cove Creek High School: 1922 to 1965 and The Architectural History of Watauga County, North Carolina), the Watauga County Historical Society has worked hard to connect Watauga County residents, students, and visitors with our community's rich and often surprising past.

Our most recent initiative is the 2014 launch of the Digital Watauga Project, which aims to make the complex history of Watauga County more widely known and easily accessible to the public by digitally preserving the images, documents, and artifacts of Watauga County. Through this partnership with the Watauga County Public Library, the Digital Watauga Project brings together materials from historical institutions, area businesses, and the individual residents of Watauga County, allowing donors to share digitized versions of their historical materials with the public while retaining their original materials and the associated rights to those materials.

If you are interested in the Digital Watauga Project, or if you are just interested in being part of our other efforts to keep Watauga's history alive, we urge you to join us as a member or simply take part in our events. The WCHS recognizes that preservation of a community's history is a job for the entire community; we can't do it without your help, your input, and your enthusiasm.

We look forward to meeting and working with you.


Executive Council, Watauga County Historical Society